Philosophy of Education

I think that we need an enlightened Educational System that ought to have as its goal the development of each person into a fully actualized, self-aware, and productive member of our universal community.

An enlightened educational system could help members of society move past divisive rhetoric to universal acceptance of all humanity in all its diverse and varied shapes and colors.

I believe that the goal of education should be to prepare a person physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally to function in a universal culture where all creatures are considered contributors to the whole.

It would be heartbreaking to think that divisions of class, wealth, politics, and power will forever hold the world hostage preventing us from creating an enlightened educational system.        

We need to foster the vision of a world where all persons achieve self-fulfillment while becoming productive members of society. I readily admit that changing the educational system may be hard to achieve in the short run. Can we start by seeing each learner as deserving of our best efforts and support in the meantime?

It is my considered belief that we can, and must, heed the call of future generations and spare no expense in educating each other toward a state of universal growth and awareness.

Dr. Moore